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Product Spotlight :   BF-125 with Foot Stand Option

Special Offers for March 2015 :

Hand Crafted Gobos

Blue Frog Audio Gobo / Sound Absorber

Corner Unit Range :

3 Sizes to suit any room

From the Workshop

BF-125 Bass Trap with Foot Stand

Blue Frog Audio manufacture high quality acoustic panels & bass traps. Established in 2007, we have countless happy customers from pro & home studios, hi-fi listening rooms, offices, home theatres, conference rooms, schools & churches in the UK and Europe. With affordable eco-friendly products and free expert advice we are sure to have the solution to your acoustic problems

Blue Frog Audio Acoustic Sound Absorber Panels & Bass Traps Blue Frog Audio BF-075 Tall Acoustic Wall Panels Lucia Fabric

Blue Frog Audio specialise in standard & custom acoustic treatment kits / solutions for commercial and domestic recording studios, hi-end hi-fi listening rooms and home cinemas.

All rooms have their own set of acoustic problems and we believe that acoustic treatment should fit the room, both acoustically and aesthetically.

Contact us with your room details and we’ll get back to you with a clear treatment plan for what acoustic treatment should be used where for your room.

6 x BF-075 Acoustic Panels (effective to 100hz - wall mount fixings included)

2 x BF-4040 Square Broadband Bass Traps (effective to 40hz)

Choice of any Cara fabric colour for these offers.

Applies to Mainland UK only.

Contact us for details.

Acoustic Panels

Corner Bass Traps

Wall / Stand Traps


About us :

Blue Frog Audio are an acoustic treatment manufacturer based in North Wales UK. We sell direct to businesses and the public.

Founded in 2007, we have vast experience in acoustically treating all types of rooms.. from critical listening spaces such as commercial studios for working professionals in the audio industry & hi-end hi-fi listening rooms, to larger spaces such as conference rooms and offices (plus countless home studios and home cinema rooms).

We offer specialist consultancy services, and when required work with highly experienced partners in the field of critical listening room construction and acoustic design (eg studio and listening room design, build & treatment).

All elements of the manufacturing process are done in house by a small team of dedicated staff - which means quality control is very tight. We’ve never had a single product returned in 7 years of trading and pride ourselves on the quality of the finish of our products, as well as how effect they are acoustically.

About our products :

All of our acoustic treatment products are filled with high quality, dense eco-friendly mineral fibre sound absorbent material. We have found through many years of experience that the Ecose Technology filling we use offers the best balance between performance, indoor air quality / safety (ie.. no formaldehyde, which most other types of glass and mineral fibre based products contain) & cost vs any other suitable sound absorbent currently on the market.

We use PEFC certified real timber from sustainable sources for all our frame work, and ensure that even though solid timber is used, our products are light weight and easy to install on walls or ceilings. Using real timber means that our products can be used freestanding & can be stacked without any wall fixings being needed - which gives flexibility and makes our products easy to move.

Fabric coverings are from Camira fabrics Cara and Lucia ranges. Both ranges of fabric are of a very high quality and have excellent fire safety ratings, whilst giving a good range of colours and an excellent finish to our products. We can arrange for fabric samples to be sent out in the post.

Our guarantee :

With not a single returned or replaced product in 7 years of trading we know you’ll be happy with your purchase. But we give a 12 month guarantee on all products as standard, and if for any reason you’re not happy with your purchase we’ll give a full refund.

BF-612 Corner Bass Trap Sound Absorber BF-5 LED Lighting Ceiling Cloud Sound Absorber Workshop Photos Fully custom treated pro studio control room. Acoustic treatment products by Blue Frog Audio