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BF-075 Tall Acoustic Panel BF-075 Acoustic Panel

BF-125 Bass Trap (2ft x 4ft x 5”) - £60.00 each

£71.50 inc delivery - mainland UK

BF-075 Mini Panel (2ft x 2ft ) - £52.00 for 2

£64.00 inc delivery - mainland UK

BF-075 Panel  (2ft x 4ft) - £50.00 each

£61.50 inc delivery - mainland UK


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Acoustic Panels

Wall & Stand Mount Traps

Corner Bass Traps

Stands, Feet and Castors

Gobos / Screen Panels

Ceiling Clouds


Blue Frog Audio Acoustic Panels are ideal for, and are being used in : recording / broadcast studios, meeting rooms, hi-fi listening rooms, rehearsal spaces, home theatres & office spaces.

With excellent sound absorption specifications, eco-friendly fillings, class A fire retardant fabrics and clean, sharp looks our panels will improve the sound of any space.

Our client list includes : BBC, Capita, Strong Room Studios, Kings Place Music Foundation & Bromsgrove School.. plus countless other pro & home studios, listening rooms and office / meeting rooms.

BF-075 Tall Panel  (2ft x 6ft) - £85.00 each

£65.00 for up to 15 delivered

BF-075 Tall Acoustic Panels in Meeting Room

King’s Place Music Foundation : Meeting Room 1 - BF-075 Tall Panels on Batten Fix Wall Mounting System (Lucia Fabric)

BF-075 Mini Acoustic Panels BF 125 Bass Trap

Not sure where to install panels and how many you need?

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