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BF-075 Tall Acoustic Panel :

Price per Panel : £85.00 (£65.00 delivery for up to 15 x BF-075 Tall Panels)

Summary :

The BF-075 Tall Acoustic Panel is a broadband absorber intended for use when control of mid and high frequency reflections and reduction of RT60 (reverb times) is needed. They also provide useful bass absorption down to 125hz.

Covered in high quality Cara fabric as standard.

Ideal for use in large meeting rooms, studio live rooms, classrooms, listening rooms & offices.

Can be fitted with feet and castors to create moveable screen panels / gobos / office dividers. Also available is the option to hinge several panels together to create a flexible screen.

Uses :

Dimensions :       

Effective frequency range : high frequencies down to 125hz.

Absorption specifications :

125hz   250hz    500hz    1khz    2khz     4khz

0.45      0.90       0.80      0.90    0.95     0.95 (Please note 1.00 = 100% absorption)

Blue Frog Audio uses Camira’s Cara Fabric as standard throughout our range of products.


BF-075 Tall Acoustic Panel

Delivery due to height is by Pallet Only.

Please email us for a delivery quote. Pallets within mainland UK are £65.00 each. 15 x BF-075 Tall Panels will fit onto 1 pallet, at a cost of £4.33 per panel delivered.

For EU delivery please contact us for a shipping quote before ordering.


Product Categories :

Acoustic Panels

Wall & Stand Mount Traps

Corner Bass Traps

Stands, Feet and Castors

Gobos / Screen Panels

Ceiling Clouds






We also offer the Lucia range of fabrics from Camira, although this carries an extra charge per panel / trap - please contact us for details and prices.

Please click to view and download the Cara.pdf file, then specify your fabric colour choices when purchasing.


Due to product height the BF-075 Tall can be sent by pallet delivery only. (£65.00 delivery charge for up to 15 x BF-075 Tall Panels).

Please place your order by email or call 07800 952 474 for pricing, wall mounting options and bulk discounts.

To place an order please fill in the form below - we will email you back with the total cost of the order including delivery, and payment options.

Panel array in King’s Place Music Foundation :

Panel array at Salford University Exhibition :

Custom sizes available.

Please contact us for details.