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BF-1200 Deep Sub Corner Chunk (120cm w x 120cm t) - £215.00 each

(£65.00 delivery charge for up to 4 x BF-1200s)

BF-850 Super Corner Chunk (850mm w x 1200mm t) - £165.00 each

(£65.00 delivery charge for up to 6 x BF-850s)

BF-612 Corner Chunk (635mm w x 1200mm t) - £100.00 each

(£235.00 per pair inc delivery)

BF-612 Corner Bass Trap


BF-4040 Square Trap  400mm x 400mm x 1200mm tall - £165.00 each

(£180.00 inc delivery)

At Blue Frog Audio we believe that treatments should be properly tailored to the room, which is why we offer 3 sizes of corner bass trap instead of just the standard 2ft wide x 4ft tall.

A properly designed 2ft wide corner bass trap (such as our BF-612) is effective for bass control down to 50hz, however many rooms will have their worst bass issues below 50hz, which is where larger sizes of corner trap with extended low frequency performance are needed - please read on below..


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Not sure where to install bass traps and how many you need?

View our Acoustic Treatment Guides or Contact Us for expert advice

Our BF-850 Super Corner Chunks are effective down to 40hz (ideal for rooms up to 4.5m long), and our BF-1200 Deep Sub Corner Chunks are effective to 30hz - ideal for rooms over 4.5m in length with full range speakers and / or subs (or larger professional studio live rooms that record a lot of drums, bass or live bands). An alternative to the 1200 is a 580mm x 580mm square, which is a special order item.

We also offer a 40cm x 40cm x 1.2m tall square soffit type bass trap (BF-4040), which is effective to 40hz and intended for use in corners where space is limited (due to windows, radiators, furniture etc..).

Choosing the correct size of corner unit for your room and speaker system can make or break the low end response, so it’s very important to use traps that are robust enough for the task. Please contact us with your room dimensions & details of speaker system, so we can ensure that you have the correct type of bass control.

Our client list includes : BBC, Strong Room Studios, Kings Place Music Foundation, DWB Music, Bromsgrove School, Nathan Boddy, Gethin Pearson.. plus countless other pro & home studios, home cinemas & listening rooms.

BF4040 Square Bass Trap BF-850 Super Corner Chunk BF1200 Deep Sub Corner Bass Trap BF1200 Deep Sub Corner Bass Trap BF1200 Deep Sub Corner Bass Trap BF1200 Deep Sub Corner Bass Trap