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BF-612 corner bass traps and BF-125 reflection point acoustic wall panels in home studio

Client room showing BF-612 Corner Bass Traps stacked floor to ceiling in ‘front’ corners + BF-125 Bass Traps wall mounted at side wall reflection points.

Customer review : Just a little email to let you know that the bass traps were delivered this morning safe and sound. The traps look bloody marvellous, Joe. I'm so, so happy with them. I've shifted everything around in the room and placed the four corner traps in the corners by the window. I've also attached a couple of photos to give you an idea of how they look in the room. The sound in the room is much improved now, Joe.  Everything sounds nice and contained, which really makes a nice change.

I must thank you again for providing such a helpful, instructive and professional service. You've really made a difference to my work. I dare say I'll probably need some advice at some point(!), so hopefully talk to you soon. Many, many thanks again. May 2014 - full custom room kit used in audio dubbing studio