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Absorption only Gobo 4 foot x 6 foot x 7 inch deep

Studio Gobo :

Blue Frog Audio Studio Gobos are 4ft wide x 6ft tall x 7” deep, but can be custom made to almost any size.

We offer 2 types of Gobo :

Prices for 4ft wide x 6ft x 7” deep gobos start at £300.00 each + £65.00 delivery (single charge for up to 4 gobos on 1 pallet)

The customer can chose any suitable wood finish, and fabric choices are from the Camira Cara or Lucia ranges.

If you’re interested in our hand crafted gobos please email or use the contact page.

BF-180 With Foot Stand Option

BF-180 with Foot Stand Option :

The BF-180 with Foot Stand option offers the same absorption specifications as our BF-125 Bass Trap.

At 6ft tall and fitted with feet the BF-180 makes for a very versatile, cost effective product for studios, listening rooms, offices and meeting rooms.

For more information please see the product page

Single £65.00 pallet delivery charge for up to 8 x BF-180 Bass Traps

Diffusers :

We offer a range of diffusers, from real wood or painted mdf QRDs to slat type covers for bass traps and panels.. which provide scattering / diffusion to avoid over absorbing the high frequencies.

Due to the number of possible sizes and finishes our diffusers are built to order. For details and prices please contact us with your requirements.

Painted MDF Prime 7 QRD

Binary sequence real wood slat cover over front of corner trap

‘Open’ QRD type slat diffuser cover fitted to BF-850 corner trap