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The current trend for open plan offices and large meeting / conference rooms brings with it an acoustic issue - this being an overly echoey / reverberant sounding space, which in turn leads to poor speech intelligibility in critical speech frequencies (500hz to 2khz).

Our BF-075 acoustic panels are extremely effective at controlling this excessive reverb, and the ideal amount of coverage required for a space can be calculated using RT60 calculations.

If you would like specific advice on how best to improve the acoustics of your room please contact us, including room dimensions and construction materials (ie.. plasterboard walls vs plaster on brick, carpet vs wood floor etc..). We will reply with the results of RT60 calculations for the space, and recommendations / prices for appropriate solutions.

Site visit / consultation can be arranged for large spaces or where multiple rooms need to be treated. To arrange a visit please call Joe on 07800 952 474. For larger orders the consultancy fee will be refunded when an order is placed.

Our acoustic panels provide excellent sound absorption specifications, are covered in high quality Camira Cara or Lucia fire retardant fabric, and use a sound absorbent filling which has been certified by GreenGuard for indoor air quality.

Suitable products for offices, meeting rooms and classrooms :

BF-075 Panel  (2ft x 4ft) - £55.00 each

BF-075 Tall Panel  (2ft x 6ft) - £85.00 each

Office Acoustic Treatment BF 075 Mid High Absorber Panel BF-075 Tall Panel