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• SUPER products that work great in my studio - highly recommended!!

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corner bass traps and acoustic wall panels in home studio home-studio-acoustic-treatment-bf-125-bass-traps-acoustic-panels bf-1200_corner_bass_traps_BF-180_acoustic_wall_traps_led_lighting_ceiling_cloud_commercial_recording_studio_control_room_acoustic_treatment bf-125-bass-traps-acoustic-panels-bf-175-bass-traps-live-room-gobos acoustic-panels-meeting-room-office-acoustic-treatment home-studio-acoustic-treatment-bass-traps-acoustic-panels bf-125-bass-traps-acoustic-panels-bf-175-bass-traps-live-room-gobos acoustic-panels-meeting-room-office-acoustic-treatment acoustic_panels_studio_live_room corner bass traps and acoustic wall panels in home studio Contact Blue Frog Audio

• Hey Joe. Sorry I've not been in touch sooner - too busy enjoying the room. Suffice as to say it's a total winner - been slowly getting it all figured out - positioning etc etc. But immediate highlights - christ, playing the bass now feels akin to playing an acoustic instrument. All the clarity and nuance is just a revelation - and that's even before recording.

Can't tell you how stoked I am. Dave too - his room sounds great. And as these things should, they've kicked off a really fruitful period - the most important bit eh. Mike & Dave August 2014.

• Panels arrived just now! Super happy, thank you so much for excellent service. I'm sure I'll be back. All the best and thanks again. John September 2014.

• Hi Joe. The panels arrived in perfect condition and work well. I need two more......I'll send you the measurements shortly. July 2014

•  Thanks again for coming down. Got the ceiling panels up end of last week, the rooms are sounding much better now. Thanks again. I'll be in touch. Dave Wells, Recording and Broadcast Producer, Kings Place Music Foundation. London UK. June 2014

•  Just a little email to let you know that the bass traps were delivered this morning safe and sound. The traps look bloody marvellous, Joe. I'm so, so happy with them. I've shifted everything around in the room and placed the four corner traps in the corners by the window. I've also attached a couple of photos to give you an idea of how they look in the room. The sound in the room is much improved now, Joe.  Everything sounds nice and contained, which really makes a nice change.

I must thank you again for providing such a helpful, instructive and professional service. You've really made a difference to my work. I dare say I'll probably need some advice at some point(!), so hopefully talk to you soon. Many, many thanks again. May 2014 - full custom room kit used in audio dubbing studio

• Wow! Just wow!

Panels arrived this morning and they look and sound absolutely fantastic! And the colour is perfect! It couldn't of been any better..

All being well I think I may need 2 more but ill be touch once I know.. Thanks again.

• Asked Blue Frog to make several panels, assess the room and do an installation. These were all custom made to fit specific positions in the studio and were done to a high specification to the exact measurements required. In fact they appear better quality products than those I previously purchased from the market leader. The assessment of the room was done meticulously with excellent results. The installation was a very professional job. Joe came adequately prepared and was able to deal with many challenging situations. The job took longer than expected but was done with the minimum of fuss and was very accommodating, staying until it was finished.

Would recommend to anyone, room now sounds great!

Steve in Sheffield

• Arrived safe and sound this afternoon. I love them! The BF-1200’s have made a HUGE difference and everything looks great! Thanks again Joe - pictures to follow.

David Wells - Recording and Broadcast Producer at Kings Place Music Foundation, London UK

• Hi Joe, traps arrived yesterday safe and sound. They've all been put to good use this evening. They're really handy for moving around. Tonight they've been used as baffles round acoustic guitar and some fiddle ... kinda creating little booths for eye contact but separation. I've attached a couple of pics. Thanks again for a great job done!

• Arrived and im blown away how good these are Joe. My speakers sound totally different, bottom end is perfect. Couldn’t be happier

Great job. Best.Mark July 2013

• Hi Joe, Yeah I’ve received them they are beautiful :) Thanks so much for your help it’s appreciated. June 2013

• Traps all look great. After I set them up I had a listen and very happy with the improvement subjectively. The bass frequencies are more distinct, and it seems to have made a big improvement to the flutter echoes etc - I recorded a guitar on sunday  and a clear difference compared to the sound before. I did a quick scan with REW and this confirmed the improvements. I'm very happy with these. Cheers. Ben. June 2013

• Hi Joe.. the traps have just arrived and we’ve unloaded and unwrapped them. They look fantastic, can’t wait to get them tested out this afternoon. We’ll let all our students know about your website so that if and when they decide to set up their own places, hopefully they will make use of your services! All the best. Rob Baldock. Level 3 Rock & Live Sound Music Technology

• Thanks again for the traps - everybody who has now seen the studio is impressed with how they look, including the mother-in-law!   Cheers.Mark. June 2013

• Good to deal with. bought a pair of traps and they work (!) thx dgh

• Panels well made, look great & do the job. Will definitely buy more in future.

• Excellent Service and Communication. Many Thanks :)

• Ace Thank you so much

• If you are looking for a high quality product and 1st class service, this is it!

• Fantastic value for money. work highly effective. and built with love and care.

• I can not recommend these enough, awesome quality acoustic controllers

• Good quality product, will buy again…

• Astoundingly Good Products - This guy really does know his stuff. Thank you

• Fantastic comms, great product, awesome

• Really excellent product. I'm well chuffed with the these bass traps

• The rooms sounding amazing!! Darren. January 2013

• Excellent smart build.Great service.Top price.

• Excellent communication and product. Would definitely recommend

• Top quality acoustic panels!

• Brilliant. Will be using again. Good buy

• Just to let you know I received the well-wrapped, excellently finished traps today! They really do look the business and I can't wait to hang them and start feeling the benefit. Thanks again

• Outstanding product, communication and assistance. Worth twice the price!

• Excellent service and product is great too! V helpful over the phone thanks Joe!

• Ace products yet again

• It’s just pure pleasure both in terms of listening and mixing. All of that without the room sounding too ‘dead’ and all further confirmed by the comparison tests I ran before and after the treatment got installed. Five stars, 10 out of 10, 100% perfect - you name it - all of those apply to my experience with Blue Frog Audio - I encourage everyone who is serious about their music  production or simply in need of a perfect audio environment to use Joe’s services. You will not regret it. Matt Tromsa

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• Hi Joe - traps came safe and sound and are in position - they look fantastic. Thanks for a great job! Mike 10/09/14 (custom 2m tall BF-4040 Square Bass Traps)

• The panels are working really well and the colour is perfect. Thank you for your time. Exige International - Acoustic panels for office. October 2014

Best regards,

• Hi Joe - I’m pleased to say the 40hz bass problem has been massively reduced. Instead of listening and hearing only the boomy bass I am now able to fully appreciate the quality and tones of bass notes. The other great improvement is the imaging. In conclusion I would say a couple of things. Firstly the service and quality of the products from your company is absolutely first class. Secondly, having over the years owned some of the best hi-fi equipment in the world nothing has brought about the degree of improvement that the treatments have delivered. My current system (Linn Klimax) with full range speakers is now delivering a quality of reproduction that I frankly wouldn’t have believed possible. In terms of value getting my listening room sorted the treatment is head and shoulders above everything else. I only wish I’d realised this many years ago!! Cheers. Dave (hi-end hi-fi room). December 2014.

• Having bought two BF-125 traps in the past from Blue Frog Audio, I had no hesitation trusting them with a much bigger order when I wanted to improve my listening room's acoustics even further.

The order itself consisted of four BF-850 corner traps, and two custom 1-foot deep traps, the combination of which was designed to treat some serious bass problems occurring below 100hz in my listening room. The traps themselves arrived on-time, expertly packed and the build quality was fantastic (although this didn't surprise me because the original traps were incredibly well-built too).

Upon installation, they completely solved the acoustic problems I was having. They've made an incredible difference and I couldn't be happier with the results.

Throughout the process, Joe was hugely helpful and more than willing to provide detailed and insightful responses to my questions. He was able to take my room measurements and produce graphs and charts which showed exactly where the problems were likely to be in the frequency response of the room. These confirmed what I was hearing, and Joe was able to suggest custom solutions to solve these problems.

It's clear Joe has a thorough understanding of acoustics and the experience to back up the theoretical advice with practical suggestions. I would recommend Blue Frog Audio with no reservations. Adam March 2015 Studio Control Room.

• The bass hump is hugely improved & I am actually appreciating the quality of my hifi again. Most importantly appreciating the music so dear to me! Thanks for all your help & I'll be back in touch if I decide to go for a custom corner trap for the back of my room. Cheers.Adam. February 2015. Hi-fi Listening Room.

• All arrived safe and sound and they look terrific - thanks so much. Really pleased with them - They will look (and sure will sound) great once up. Thanks again. Martin February 2015.