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Blue Frog Audio will help customers understand what the the acoustic problems are in their room and provide practical solutions that work acoustically and look good aesthetically.

For detailed information on studio, home theatre and hi-fi room acoustics please see our Acoustic Treatment Guide.

For meeting room, office and classroom acoustic treatment information and advice see here.

All rooms are different in terms of their acoustic problems, and we are always happy to help / advise on what the best treatments (and placement) are for a customer’s room.

Not sure which products to use? Where to use them? How they’re installed?

We’re here to help



3D Cad Design Service

We provide a free 3d room design service for our clients for fully treated recording studios & large halls etc..

If the 3d design service is of interest please supply the following to enable us to draw up the plans :

- Room length, width and height

- Photos of the room

- A top view plan showing locations and dimensions of doors, windows, speaker position, equipment etc..

We can then put this into Sketchup and model your room in 3 dimensions, run calculations for modes and decay times (RT60s), and show exactly which treatments are needed where in your room.

We’ll then base the quote on this design and build the panels / bass traps / ceiling clouds to precisely these specifications. This ensures that all treatments will fit the space perfectly, whilst ,maximising acoustic performance.

Below are some example plans drawn up for previous clients, plus photos of these finished rooms. We have many more examples of plans for different types of spaces / situations. Please contact us and we’d be happy to share them.