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In this section we’ll add photos of some of our works in progress, along with explanations of what the products are being used for, and some details of the rooms they are destined to be used in (where possible). An informal ‘what we’re building as we work through orders’ section.. which will hopefully be of help so customers can see different fabric colours / types of product, & ideas of what’s possible.

Finshed ‘open’ design diffuser cover fitted to a BF-850 Super Corner Chunk Bass Trap.

This diffuser cover is based on a qrd sequence, and provides both spacial and temporal diffusion, whilst allowing mid and low frequencies to pass through the gaps between the ‘slats’.

These were a bit of an experiment based on well founded principles, but the client (pro mixer) was very happy with them and noted that they controlled the low end well without over-deadening the high frequencies in a room that already had a fair bit of absorption.

They’re a product that we’d like to offer as a standard ‘cover’ for corner and wall mounted traps, but finding a solution to make them cost and time effective to build is the challenge.

A lovely look and effective design though..

August 2014..

Custom BF-4040 soffit type bass trap for a hi-end hi-fi room. 40cm x 40cm x 1.95m tall (as tall as it’s possible to ship on a single pallet). Fabric : Cara Sand.

These are being built to replace some standard 2ft wide corner traps in front corners (behind speakers) as an upgrade to maximise absorption below 50hz. The BF-850 Super Corner Chunks would’ve been as effective, but due to location of window sills and radiator in the client’s room the 60cm length along the walls of the 850s would have been too big, so the soffit type trap was a good alternative solution and will provide good absorption down to 40hz.

August 2014..

Full Room Kit in construction for a production / mixing home studio in London.

To the left are some custom BF-125 type traps (5” deep) on feet and BF-612 corner traps.

I’ve included the original rooms plans we did for this room below, to show layout of treatments etc..

Ideally, due to the modal response (below 50hz problems) BF-850 corner traps should’ve been used in this room, but due to space and budget it was decided that BF-612s would be used for corner trapping. In spite of this compromise the client was very happy with the bass response and overall improvement post treatment.

This is the full email we got back from the customer once he’d got it all set up..

“Sorry I've not been in touch sooner - too busy enjoying the room.

Suffice as to say it's a total winner.

Been slowly getting it all figured out - positioning etc etc. But immediate highlights - christ, playing the bass feels now feels akin to playing an acoustic instrument. All the clarity and nuance is just a revelation - and that's even before recording.

The piano took a bit of messing around with - it took up so much space if I angled it that I had to put it against the back wall - with the rear wall traps. I removed a few panels and hey presto - great, for a mini piano that cost 17 quid!

Can't tell you how stoked I am. Dave too - his room sounds great. And as these things should, they've kicked off a really fruitful period - the most important bit eh.”

Finished 5 LED Lighting cloud for DWB Music Ltd (hit making production team  - UK based)

This cloud has 2 x 2ft x 4ft x 4” deep filled absorber panels (ie.. 2 x BF-125s), with the centre section containing 3 LEDs, and 2 LEDs on the outer frame edges.

The real wood / varnished frame edges are perforated (machined using a router for a perfect finish) to increase performance of the cloud (ie stop the frame edges being reflective, and increase available surface area to maximise absorption).

The lights are wired up to give various combinations of lighting option - centre down light only, 2 outer down lights, 2 frame edge lights.. Or any combination of the above. The LED fittings take GU10 bulbs, so you can vary the output of say the edge lights to give a low light, or have high output bulbs. This gives lots of options to create ‘mood’ lighting.

The lights can be hooked up to a simple / readily available wireless remote control for control of the lighting options.

Comes PAT tested / certified by an electrician.

We’ve made various types of these  lighting clouds - wood finish for the frames can be anything the client wants, and they can be made up to 10ft wide with 3 rows of down lights (ie.. 9 LEDs per cloud, with scores of lighting options).

Below is a close up of a frame perforation on a natural beeswax finished cloud..

June 2014..

3 Room Studio treatment for Bromsgrove School recording studio.

This job came about as we’d designed and built the treatments for the domestic hi-end listening room of a member of staff at the school - and he’d recommended us to the senior management in the music department when the prospect of having the studio rooms treated came up.

The room  treatment design was based on on site room tests, and the majority of the treatment was custom made to fit the rooms.

The students at the school are now making far more use of the facilities, and are enjoying being in the studio to aid education, and for recreation - so it was mission accomplished!

3 of 10 x BF-125 Bass Traps for a home studio. Fabric : Cara Walten.

October 2014.

We’ll be adding more as we work through orders..

Received today..

Client Room photo of BF-075 Ceiling Panels in Cara Glass fabric installed in an office (using a flush mount system).

Customer comment :

The panels are working really well and the colour is perfect.

Thank you for your time

Best regards.

Exige International

9th October 2014

Acoustic treatments for a pro mixer’s home studio (addition to existing absorber panels).

Comprising 2 x custom height BF-612 Corner Bass Traps (for under desk front corner treatment), 1 x BF-125 (set up for horizontal wall mounting) and 1 x BF-4040 (for floor / wall corner behind desk).

Fabric is Cara Lora.

October 2014 (customer comments to follow..)

2 Lighting Channel + 3 absorber (BF-125 type) Lighting Cloud for a hi-end home studio. Built as part of a full room treatment package (including BF-850 corner units and stand mounted BF-180 Bass Traps).

Wood finish is French Oak. White (Vit) Cara fabric for panels.

10 x LED lights pre-wired and PAT tested / certified, which can be switched on and off by the customer via a remote control unit.

Customer comments : “It all looks superb - very nicely made. Thanks again for taking so much trouble”.  Paul January 2015.

Custom BF-850 Corner Bass Traps (stacked to reach room height), BF-180 Bass Traps and custom 6ft Tall BF-175 Bass Traps for home studio customer.

Customer comments : “Brief listen sounds great. Better stereo imaging and a much rounder and more controlled bass end! Thanks!” Paul February 2015

Custom BF-1200 Corner Bass Traps with skirting board recess built into base of lower trap.

Also shown are some of the rest of the treatments specified for this professional studio control room. These being BF-180 Bass traps for side wall reflection points and one of several BF-125 ceiling clouds built for this order.

Customer comments : “As soon as I put the BF-1200 and BF-850 corner traps in place it sounded like a studio. The 1200’s are absolutely gorgeous”. Mark February 2015

31 x BF-125 Bass Traps installed in a Church in Lincoln UK.

These were installed to help control excessive reverb times and improve speech and music intelligibility.

Wall mounted using a split batten rail system.

Customer Comments : “Received the panels all safe and sound, got them all up in a day – the batten idea made mounting them dead easy and it gives you the ability to easily align the panels. Only a few people have seen them so far but they all say how good they look. I did some before/after measurements with a Rt60 meter. According to my calculations I was expecting 0.4-0.6 seconds off the reverb time dependant on frequency, That’s exactly what I’m getting, your panels do exactly what they say on the tin.” Adam January 2015

I’m especially pleased with the results as I was only allowed to put them on 1 wall, rather than spreading them across pairs of walls.