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Feet & stands, with or without castors, can be pre-fitted to most of our products (including corner traps)..

Feet are suitable for the BF-075 Acoustic Panel, BF-125, BF-175 & BF-180 Bass Traps.

Stands are best used for raising the height of BF-125 & BF-175 Bass Traps so that the centre of the trap is at ear height at the listening position, or to the height needed for recording certain instruments (in order to best reduce room reflections reaching mics or ears). Even better is to use taller panels freestanding as this gives more overall coverage of absorption.

Castors can be fitted to feet and to stands, and are especially useful for multipurpose rooms (recording and mixing), live rooms, temporary recording or listening spaces, and where treatment is needed in front of doors or windows.

BF-125 Bass Trap (2ft x 4ft x 5” deep) With Foot Stand - £80.00 each

(£92.50 inc delivery)

BF-180 Bass Trap (2ft x 6ft x 5” deep) With Foot Stand - £135.00 each

£65.00 pallet delivery charge for up to 8 x BF-180s

Custom Wooden Stands - please contact us for details / prices

Absorption only Gobo 4 foot x 6 foot x 7 inch deep

Blue Frog Studio Gobos

Prices from £350.00 each

BF-125 Foot Stand Option BF-180 With Foot Stand Gobos & Screen Panels